High Power Double Axis Propulsion Motor for Drones


Drone and hovering mast system integrators

Very high power to weight ratio. Motor specially designed for airborne applications such as drones and hovering systems. It is actually made of two motors integrated in one case. Cooling fins enables highly densed power motor in low volume and Wight using propeller air flow and fine for cooling and dissipating heat.

Main features and advantages

  • Shafts can be controlled to rotate in opposite direction to cancel reaction moment.
  • Include thermal sensor; to control winding temperature
  • Sealed output shafts inner runner to eliminate a my dust or water to enter the motor.
  • Motors aie equipped with magnetic encoder or precision speed control
  • Very low rotor inertia for rapid reaction of the lotorto step function speed changes.
  • Can operate under high voltage electric power system to reduce conductor weight in hovering mast applications.