High Performance Dual Axis Servo Drive

Quick Overview

Powerful performance while reducing system costs

Evolved from Servotronix successful CDHD servo drive, the DDHD dual axis servo drive is designed on the same platform and utilizes the same powerful HD control algorithms. Shared components and optimized wiring reduce costs by 20% per axis as compared to systems with two independent drives.

Advanced autotuning minimizes position error and settling time to almost zero

Engineering experience and expertise has been implemented in a sophisticated autotuning function that performs optimal congurations for a difference making performance.

Maximum machine accuracy and throughput

New current loop design achieves an industry-leading

Frequency response of 3-5 kHz.

Advanced autotuning

Advanced autotuning minimizes position error and settling time to almost zero.

Minimum position error | Settling time of almost zero | No oscillations at stand-still

Active non-linear anti-vibration control algorithm eliminates

mechanical resonance in highly exible systems.

Without anti-vibe control

ServoStudio™ wizard for simple commissioning in 4 steps

  • Step-by-step guidance through setup and tuning process
  • Excellent results for novice users within minutes
  • Real-time data recording and plotting
  • Easy integration of servo axes
  • Plug-and-play motor and feedback wiring

With anti-vibe control

Key Benifits

  • 20% lower cost per axis due to shared components and less wiring
  • High performance control of synchronous servo motors
  • I/O programming
  • Command type: P&D, Analog
  • Interfaces multiple feedback devices
  • Share AC input and regeneration, for energy efficiency
  • Simple commissioning using ServoStudio™ GUI
  • Safe Torque Off (STO).
  • Communication Serial RS232, USB, CANopen, Daisy Chain.
  • Exclusive 30-month warranty

Offered with matched servo motors for optimal performance

PRO/PRO2 Series

  • 50 W – 7.5 kW
  • 0.16 Nm – 48 Nm

MT Series

  • 50 W – 4.5 kW
  • 0.16 Nm – 28 Nm

Rating and Dimension


  • RS232
  • Daisy Chain

Motor feedback:

  • Incremental Encoder
  • Hall Sensors
  • SSI Encoder (e.g. EnDat®, Nikon®, Tamagawa®)
  • SensAR absolute Encoder
  • Motor Temperatur


  • Digital: 8 x Input, 10 x Output
  • Analog : 2 x Input
  • 2 x Pulse & Direction
  • 2 x Equivalent Encoder Output

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